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Mixed rags are most commonly packed in large bales, typically 800-1,200 lbs. Graders use mixed rags as raw material for sorting. We can offer mixed rags from various locations across the U.S. We are your #1 Mixed Rag Broker.



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All American Trading is happy to work with you any way that we can. Our goal at All American Trading is to deliver to you and your client the highest quality product available at the lowest possible prices without sacrificing the quality of service. Give us a try and you will see why we are the Number One Mix Rag Reseller in the world.


We are also working with different suppliers all over the country. We can supply most of your requirements as needed. Please inquire.


Here are just some of the categories of our bulk clothing:


Tropical Mix

Heavy Mix

Big Size Mix

Denim Mix

Mixed Sweaters

Wool Sweaters

Cut & Uncut White Cotton Rag

Cut & Uncut Color Cotton Rag






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